Nov 21, 2017

Shit on me.

I rarely share creative efforts with folks. What I do, I do for myself to an extent.

The flip side is the person I'm working with now who puts his drawings up and yes, they’re okay but every time I look at them I think to myself it’s not work I would be proud of if that makes sense. It‘s stiff, it looks very forced and not natural.

Then I have another person who foists their spouse's work and holds it up as some triumph of modern art but I am left so utterly unfazed by it, not just unfazed but actually find it humorous and the kind of thing I would expect from a preschooler I really am at a loss for words (thankfully).

So when people shit on me admittedly while it might bother me on a level I put the it into the context of what they hold up as art and then I really don’t feel that bad at all.

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